Save Union Bay Association (SUBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the environment and ecology of this shallow bay and surrounding wetlands, parkland and developed property.

Union Bay is a popular site for recreational watercraft (kayaks, canoes, sailboats and shells) and heavily transited by larger commercial and recreational ships and motorboats. Adjoining wetlands are a haven for resident and migratory birds.

Union Bay is in Seattle at the western edge of Lake Washington where the Montlake Cut connects Lake Washington with Portage Bay and Lake Union. The navigation channel between the lakes is dredged to 20’. The rest of the bay is 3’-10’ deep.

SR 520 bridge connects Seattle and Bellevue across Union Bay near the UW Arboretum.  It is anticipated that Union Bay will be significantly affected in the coming decade by SR520 construction projects.

SUBA was organized in 1970 to deal with milfoil problems. Since that time, we have been involved in a variety of ecological projects including working with King County to harvest milfoil; preventing pumping algal water from Green Lake into UB; and daylighting Ravenna Creek into the University Slough. Our current projects include invasive wildlife and plant management.

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Save Union Bay Association

For information regarding SUBA’s upcoming public meeting on September 20th click here.

We are currently soliciting proposals for invasive aquatic plant management for 2015-2017. Any interested licensed herbicide applicator is invited to respond to our Request For Proposals. Bids are due by 4:00PM, April 10, 2015. Please click here to download the Union Bay RFB 2015.